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From Education and Entertainment to Healthcare and Manufacturing, Extreme combines world-class products with global perspective to build nimble networks that deliver a tighter connection with customers and stronger bottom line results.

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Overview | Solutions


Extreme Networks has a proven track record of delivering end-to-end, wired and wireless software driven networking solutions to its healthcare customers. By strategically integrating pioneering technologies in switching, networking analytics, wireless, and network management, combined with its renowned ExtremeWorks customer service, Extreme has assumed a leadership position in the healthcare IT market.

Higher Education

Extreme Networks is helping higher education customers around the world provide an adaptive, mobile learning environment to their students with Wi-Fi and wired network infrastructure. Learn more about our simple, fast, and smart solutions.

Primary and Secondary Education

Extreme Networks is helping primary/secondary educators around the world provide personalized learning to their students with Wi-Fi and wired network infrastructure. Learn more about our simple, fast, and smart solutions.

Sports & Public Venues

The availability of secure and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is integral to a complete mobile experience for fans, and a business’ access to an integrated network management and Wi-Fi analytics solution is critical to ensuring that quality experience. Not only does a purpose-built Wi-Fi solution meet the requirements of today’s mobile-centric users, it is also a strategic business asset for the organization moving forward.

Hospitality, Hotels & Gaming

With more and more Wi-Fi supported devices, and with connectivity no longer viewed as a luxury but as an expectation, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that customers anticipate a high quality network experience wherever they go, whether it's for business or pleasure.


Build for today and tomorrow with smart manufacturing. Extreme’s mix of products are your solution to the challenges faced in operating your business all the way down to the factory floor.

Public Sector

Whether you run a multi-national corporation or a local town government, Extreme has a solution that can reduce operating costs, improve user experience, enable mobile initiatives and enhance security.


Consumers want a personalized experience they can buy into. If you’re going to stand out and stand a chance of building loyalty and repeat visits, one thing is essential ― creating a compelling consumer experience.

Transportation & Logistics

Transportation and logistics are essential components to your enterprise’s productivity. By air, ground or sea, access to real-time data and always-on communications are critical. With specialized technology designed for each logistical category, you can accelerate productivity, profitability and operations. Discover the added benefits of the numerous transportation and logistics solutions offered by Extreme Networks.