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Overview | Products | ExtremeWireless WiNG
Overview | Products | ExtremeWireless WiNG

These four trends are shaping the future of wireless!

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ExtremeWireless WiNG Access Points

Extreme’s Wireless WiNG access point technology ensures enterprise-level security and high performance for any LAN environment to deliver an exceptional experience for users, wherever they roam.

WiNG Wireless Indoor Access Points

WiNG AP 8533 | Data Sheet
WiNG AP 8432 | Data Sheet
WiNG AP 7532 | Data Sheet
WiNG AP 7522 | Data Sheet
WiNG AP 7622 | Data Sheet

WiNG Wireless Outdoor Access Points

WiNG AP 7562 | Data Sheet
WiNG AP 8163 | Data Sheet
WiNG AP 6562 | Data Sheet

WiNG Express Management

WiNG AP 7522E | Data Sheet

WiNG Wireless Wall Plate

WiNG TW-522 Wall Plate | Data Sheet
WiNG AP 7502 Wall Plate | Data Sheet
WiNG AP 7502E Wall Plate | Data Sheet
WiNG AP 7602 Wall Plate | Data Sheet

ExtremeWireless WiNG Controllers

Our ExtremeWireless WiNG Controllers reduce costs and simplify IT efforts by unifying wireless-wired network management using a range of scalable architecture. Improve business process flow with one platform for wireless voice, video, data and multiple RF technologies. Our wireless controllers and switches provide seamless roaming across deployments and resilient fail-over capabilities ― proving our reliability.

WiNG Controllers

WiNG NX 5500 | Data Sheet
WiNG NX 7500 | Data Sheet
WiNG NX 9600 | Data Sheet
WiNG NX 9500 | Data Sheet
WiNG VX 9000 | Data Sheet

WiNG Express Management

WiNG NX 5500E | Data Sheet
WiNG NX 7510E | Data Sheet
WiNG VX 9000E | Data Sheet

WiNG T-5 System

WiNG TS-524 | Data Sheet

ExtremeWireless WiNG Software

ExtremeWireless WiNG Software gives visibility, insight, and management into your network like no other software in the industry. WiNG OS is designed to scale efficienty from the smallest networks to the largest geographically dispersed deployments. With ExtremeWireless NSight platform you can give any role in your IT staff deep visibility in all aspects of your wireless network. Finally, with Azara Cloud Managed Networking, bring the power of WiNG 5 OS to the cloud.

ExtremeWireless WiNG 5 Operating System

WiNG OS | Data Sheet

Azara Cloud-Managed Networking

WiNG Azara Cloud | Data Sheet

Extreme NSight

NSight | Data Sheet

Extreme AirDefense

As wireless LAN deployments increase, so does the challenge to provide these networks with security. Extreme’s AirDefense solution provides complete protection against wireless threats and offers policy and compliance monitoring. The system uses collaborative intelligence, with access points/dedicated sensors that work in tandem with a server appliance to monitor all 802.11 (a/b/g/n) wireless traffic. Extreme AirDefense is truly one of the most advanced intrusion detection systems in the networking world.

Extreme AirDefense Services Platform

Extreme AirDefense | Data Sheet
Extreme AirDefense Mobile | Data Sheet
Extreme AirDefense Spectrum Analysis | Data Sheet