Did you know that Ransomware remains a serious threat to business productivity...?

Data loss can be chilling and has serious financial implications. Downtime can occur at any time. Something as small as an employee opening an infected email, or as significant as a natural disaster.

Hardware failure is the number one cause of data loss and/or downtime

but the damage caused by security threats like viruses and ransomware continues to rise.

1 %
Hardware Failure

Percentage of Total Unplanned Downtime because of Fardware Failure.

1 %
Security Breach

Percentage of Total Unplanned Downtime because of an External Security Breach

1 %
User Error

Percentage of Total Unplanned Down Time Because of User Error

If you get hit with Ransomware you only have two options; you pay the ransom or you restore from your backup

Total Data Protection

Sleep better at night knowing that you are protecting your business and securing your valuable business data from mother nature and from hackers no matter where it lives.

“Effortless”, “Reliable” and “Life-changing” are some of the ways our clients describe our disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

Protect your business with a professional, reliable, and secure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Solution

Reduce Downtime

Reduce money-draining downtime to a matter of minutes after a security incident or emergency


Help maintain regulatory compliance with HIPAA-compliant encryption.

Quick Restore

Quickly and easily restore key information and critical services for minimal disruption and business continuity

Cloud Backup

Have peace of mind knowing that your valuable information is safely stored in the cloud.

4 in 5 small business

with BCDR recover from ransomware within 24 hours

FANTASTIC New Features

Protect Anything

Mac, Windows, Linux, Virtual (VMWare or Hyper-V)

Cloud Protection

Infinite or One year Cloud Retention, your Data is Never Deleted

Restore Anytime

Diskless Restore, Hybrid Virtualization, Cloud Virtualization & Local Virtualization

Run Anywhere

Physical, Imaged, Virtual or on Multi Devices

One Simple Solution One Vendor

Local backup, Automatic Replication to the Cloud, and Ransomeware detection, a turn-key All-In-One Solution.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Store 1 year of your data in the cloud or choose to keep your data for an unlimited amount of time. 

No Risk 60 Day Money Back Guarantee...!!


Most frequent questions and answers

Depending on the size of your backup and your business continuity requirements, your data can be backed up as often as every 15 minutes to the local appliance and uploaded to the cloud as often as every hour. 

Your backup solution stores an image of your entire hard drive, it backs up everything, including running SQL databases and QuickBooks files.  

Yes, Safety first! Your backup solution checks for signs of ransomware. The check is achieved through the file extension of the system being backed up. It compares the last backup point to the newest one specifically targeting file extension which is typically changed by ransomware attacks. If detected an alert is immediately triggered to let you know that there’s a potential ransomware attack.

AES 256 and SSL key-based encryption ensures data is safe both at rest in the local appliance and while in transit when the data is replicated to the cloud, the backup solution meets industry regulations (ie. HIPAA, SOX)

The backup solution will turn on and boot up the last image back up of your machine and will email you a daily screenshot that validates that the backup was successful and bootable.

Yes, you can bring back your critical services quickly, the backup solution offers multiple ways to bring your network back after a catastrophic event. You can start a recovery point as a virtual machine in the appliance and allow users to use it, you can start a recovery point as a virtual machine in the cloud and if the local appliance is operational, Datto will use it as the gateway providing the users on the local network full access without changing their workflow. If you have a standby hypervisor, Datto can use it to accommodate for more resources in case they are needed.

Yes, you have multiple options to restore your data: Use drag and drop to restore a single file or a folder, perform a bare metal restore to a physical or a virtual machine even if the new machine has completely dissimilar hardware from the old one.

Your backup solution can backup servers, workstations and PC’s running Mac, Windows or Linux, physical or Virtual (VMWare or Hyper-V) servers.