The unexpected is our specialty, common-sense is our secret!

You can bank on our experience and professionalism to help you solve complex problems; our approach may be unconventional but the results are always amazing.

Break and fix support is surprisingly simple straightforward uncomplicated

It’s a fee-for-service model of providing IT support

A word of caution! The allure to believe that brake and fix is a money-saving model is captivating but in the long run it has been proven that managed IT services is a better model that offers unbeatable results and a healthier relationship between you and your IT provider.

Get your IT infrastructure serviced quickly and efficiently.

Brake and fix Support is a Time and Materials model, an alternative to Managed IT services and support.


Is your business not ready for managed IT services?

Do you need help with unconventional or sophisticated equipment or projects?

Or are you simply looking to try our services first before signing up for our managed IT services?

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